Prewedding shoot locations in Perth

    Pre-wedding shoot location references for Perth

    We have compiled a list of options to help you decide on the type of backdrop you might like to have for your pre-wed shoot! It is a pretty awesome list – yes, that’s because Perth has so much to offer and we are so glad that you have chosen to come to Perth for a photoshoot (: You’ll not be disappointed! Having said that, some of these locations are subjected to weather conditions and may look different in certain seasons. These factors may affect your decision regarding the photoshoot locations, but fret not – we are here to help provide advice so that we can plan the best possible places that we can visit when you’re here with us. (:

    We want to get to know you and your loved one better! For this reason, please tell us more about your photoshoot location preferences, share any ideas that you might have, inform us of any wardrobe changes that you would like to include… Feel free to share – we love over-sharing because we want to make the day enjoyable and relaxing; it is all about you and your loved one going on a mini adventure with us and our cameras!

    1. The University of Western Australia (UWA)

    *Please note that a shooting permit is required to shoot at UWA

    UWA prewed and engagement photoshoot with couple in gown and suit, casual prewed photoshoot in UWA


    2. City streets

    Couple prewed and engagement shoot in Perth city streets, photoshoot in front of graffiti wall, casual photoshoot in perth city


    3. Industrial setting

    Casual prewed and engagement photoshoot, couple in shades, couple in sunglasses, couple in gown and suit in industrial backdrop


    4. Urban setting

    Couple photoshoot at harvey beef, couple prewed and engagement photoshoot, couple photoshoot in the city, couple photoshoot in perth, couple photoshoot on steps, couple photoshoot in gown and suit in perth


    5. Open fields

    Couple prewed and engagement photoshoot in open field, sunset in open field, boy and girl in open field, photoshoot during sunset in open field, couple in gown and suit in open field


    6. Bells Rapids

    Couple casual prewed and engagement photoshoot in bells rapids, couple photoshoot with rocks, boy holding girl walking, couple photoshoot bells rapids dry, photoshoot with rocky backdrop


    7. Pine forest

    Couple photoshoot in pine forest, casual prewed and engagement photoshoot in pine forest, sunset in pine forest, casual photoshoot during sunset in pine forest, couple hugging in pine forest


    8. Parks


    9. Blue boat house

    Casual photoshoot at blue boat house, couple prewed and engagement shoot at blue boat house, couple in gown and suit at blue boat house, couple sitting at blue boat house


    10. Jetty

    Couple photoshoot at jetty, casual prewed and engagement shoot at jetty, couple sitting on jetty, couple sitting by the water, couple kissing near the water, couple kissing on the jetty, couple photoshoot in perth jetty, photoshoot at jetty overlooking water, jetty with buildings


    11. Beaches

    Casual prewed and engagement shoot on beach, photoshoot during sunset on beach, couple photoshoot on beach, couple holding hands on beach during sunset


    These are just some examples of what Perth has to offer and we can’t wait to bring you around to explore these beautiful places! We look forward to meeting you in Perth!