C + G + J + S // In-Home Session, Singapore

    After all this time, we are still playing a guessing game with the weather. This family photoshoot with Chris, Gladys, Josiah and Sarah was another good example of that! We are always thankful for clients who are easy-going and are happy to work with a wet-weather plan. Despite the change of plans, this outdoor-turned-home photoshoot ended up to be a good thing after all! It always helps that we start at home with family photoshoots as it gives the children time to ease into the photoshoot. Children can also be shy around new people (like us); thus, being in a comfortable setting is always an advantage for us as it makes it easier to gain the children’s trust.

    With all family photoshoots, we never know what to expect with children. Children can be temperamental and not wish to cooperate on the day of the photoshoot. It usually takes some warming up and coaxing to get the children to be participating actively. We are ever grateful to Chris and Gladys for prepping Josiah before the photoshoot and helping us to encourage Josiah to get involved. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the company of this lovely family. It is always heart warming to watch how the children interact with one another and this phase is so nice to be able to look back to. We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to document it for this family of four. We look forward to capturing more precious moments of Chris’, Gladys’, Josiah’s and Sarah’s lives in the future!