Daph & Alex

    Like all photographers, we have our own creative vision. But it is not always easy to find people who truly give us 100% of their trust and allow us to tell their story. Most people are fearful of the unexpected, making it very difficult to let someone else have full control over something so personal.

    But, meet Daph. Daph has been, and will continue to be, a wonderful close friend to us for a long time. She has always been the most incredibly supportive friend who truly believes in our craft. Daph gives us full creative control, and we appreciate it so very much. We think that the trust given to us by our clients is a huge factor that affects how we approach the planning for the photoshoot and the feelings and emotions that we feel on the day itself. Sometimes, the constant nagging fear of not being able to deliver what our clients want can create creative blocks which can affect the photoshoot.

    We are always grateful for the trust and confidence given to us by our friends – old and new. “Thank you” will never suffice.