Vanessa & Ivan

    During the very early days of Le CaMo Photography, we relied heavily on the support given to us by our friends and family. Vanessa and Ivan were among the few close friends who gave us their time so generously so that we could get more practise with shooting and learn more about our gear and ourselves.

    Like all startups, the initial phase is always the toughest. We struggled a lot with needing more practise but also hoping that those who offered their time in exchange for photos really understood and appreciated our craft. We didn’t (and still don’t) want to be the friends with cameras that people looked for just because we are willing to shoot for free or for a cheap friendship price. We didn’t (and still don’t) want to be booked because we are cheap but because our style matches yours. We are motivated not by money, but the longing to be understood and appreciated.

    As we spend time with old and new friends, it isn’t just the people that we shoot for who get something out of the session. Each session involves more than just the photos and money being exchanged. We build new friendships and share experiences. In fact, we think that we get a better deal because we get another opportunity to learn and improve. And that’s only possible because of the support from those who book us.