LP & Edwin

    Before each photoshoot, we try to schedule a time to meet up with our clients over a coffee/tea and learn more about them and their relationship. If time doesn’t permit, then we communicate as much as we can over text. (: We value this getting-to-know-you period of time because it helps us in planning the photoshoot and we don’t need to waste valuable time breaking the ice on the actual day. Liping and Edwin are our proof that time invested before the actual photoshoot pays off! During our meet up, we learnt that they wrote cards┬áto each other on special occasions throughout the many years of being together. The cards weren’t just store bought cards… Many of the cards were handmade with love. It was therefore a very easy decision to get Liping and Edwin to write a card to each other on the day of the photoshoot. They even brought their collection of cards and just look at the hand-sewn hot air balloon card! So much time and effort went into making and writing each of these cards, and we were happy to be able to photograph such a special and valuable part of Liping’s and Edwin’s relationship.

    We are always pleasantly surprised by every love story we learn about. We find that every love story is different, and who is to say someone else’s love story is better? Each relationship has its ups and downs, its quirks and normalities. At Le CaMo Photography, we believe that all love is equal and should be accepted. No matter the form, no matter the person. We share Liping’s and Edwin’s story today but everyone should be given the opportunity to share theirs too. We are always thankful for clients who allow us to share and be a part of their love stories. (: