How to select photos for your wedding album (:

    We can’t wait to design your heirloom! Before we can proceed to design your album, we will need you to show us, from the gallery, what your ultimate favourites are!

    The goal of your wedding album is to create a beautiful and meaningful keepsake that tells the story of your special day. It’s important for us to strike a balance between including enough photos to capture the essence of the event and avoiding an overcrowded or overwhelming design. Below are some guidelines to help you choose the best photos for your wedding album. You can do so by clicking on the favourite (heart) button to pick your favourites from your gallery.

    For a 20-spread 10-inch wedding album, the ideal number of photos to select can vary, but a good starting point is to include approximately 80 to 120 photos. This would allow you to have 4 to 6 photos per spread, creating a balanced and visually appealing album. However, the actual number can depend on various factors, including the design, style, and the specific moments you want to highlight.

    Here are some suggestions regarding the number of images to include in your album:

    • 10 spread album (20 sides) = 40 – 60 images
    • 15 spread album (30 sides) = 60 – 90 images
    • 20 spread album (40 sides) = 80 – 120 images
    • 25 spread album (50 sides) = 100 – 150 images
    • 30 spread album (60 sides) = 120 – 180 images
    • 35 spread album (70 sides) = 140 – 210 images

    We want to ensure that your wedding album tells a story of your entire wedding day. Depending on the events that you had captured, here’s a guide of the key moments* to include:

    *Key Moments: Significant moments or events such as getting ready/prep, first look, ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, portrait sessions

    • Cover photo: The first spread of your wedding album is like the opening chapter of a book—it sets the tone for the entire story. Choose a landscape photo that serves as a title or introduction to the album. This could be a stunning shot of you both, a beautiful image of the wedding venue, or a photo that encapsulates the overall mood of the day. Once you have chosen the photo, please bring this to my attention.
    • Candid and Detail Shots: Include candid shots that capture genuine emotions and reactions, as well as detail shots that showcase the decor, flowers, rings, and other elements of the day.
    • Bridal and Groom Portraits: Dedicate several spreads to showcase bridal and groom portraits to capture the essence the both of you on your special day.
    • Family and Group Photos: Don’t forget to include family and group shots, but try not to overdo it to maintain a balanced design.
    • Dance Floor photos: We typically like to create a collage spread that feature multiple dance floor photos on a single spread (2 sides). This can provide a dynamic and comprehensive look at the dancing festivities. So 9, 12 or 16 images will be a good number to select for this spread.

    Here’s a guide of how you might distribute the photos across the spreads:

    • Cover photo: 1 spread (Only one photo)
    • Getting Ready/Prep (Bride & Groom): 1 – 2 spreads each
    • Ceremony Highlights: 2 – 3 spreads
    • First Look (if applicable): 1 – 2 spreads
    • Details/Decor (Ceremony, Reception): 1 spread each
    • Congratulations: 1 – 2 spreads
    • Group Photos: 1 – 2 spreads
    • Wedding Portraits (Couple, Wedding Party): 3 – 6 spreads
    • Reception (Speeches, Toasts, Candids): 1 – 2 spreads
    • Formal Dance(s) (First dance, Parent-Child Dance): 1 – 2 spreads
    • Dance Floor: 1 spread

    Remember that these are just general suggestions, and the distribution can be adjusted based on your unique wedding story and preferences. If you have a particular focus on certain aspects of your wedding or if there are specific moments you want to emphasise, you can allocate more spreads accordingly.

    Ultimately, the goal is to create an album that tells the story of your wedding day in a way that feels complete and meaningful to you. So feel free to take your time to select your photos. Once you are happy with your photo selection, just drop us a message and we will start working on your album design. We will be in touch once the album proof is ready for review and there will be up to 2 revisions after viewing the first proof! Together we will create a beautiful keepsake for you to cherish (: