A + J + N

    We’ve been photographing this beautiful family since Noah was a baby and look how big he is now! Julianna and her family have been a constant supporter of the Le CaMo family and it is always nice to spend time with old friends and help to document important milestones. This photoshoot was a last minute decision but thank goodness for public holidays! So glad that we managed to spend a day together exploring the Botanical Gardens.

    Being a part of our clients’ lives is a huge deal for us and we want to make each experience personal for every client. We aim to worry less about time but instead focus on being present in the moment during the photoshoot. We are interested in each of our clients and we feel that because of that, the photos mean so much more and they tell a better story.¬†Photography is more than just a job and what we takeaway from each session is so much more than what we can ask for.

    boy at park, boy with guitar, toy guitar